"My First Book Was Not a Hit" by young author Adviti Guduru takes us on a heart-wrenching yet the inspirational journey of 12-year-old Saige Viset. Saige struggles with Anxiety and Dyslexia. The book shows Saige's hardships, hard work, and determination while trying to trust herself and gain the trust of those around her at school and home. Saige dreams of writing a book, but it feels like she is not capable of doing it. Will Saige overcome her doubts, publish her book, and prove to herself and others that she's more than capable? Or will she keep feeling like she doesn't quite belong? Discover whether Saige can turn her dream into a living reality!


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About Adviti Guduru


Adviti Guduru, a young author from Monroe Twp, New Jersey, is a 7th grader. When she’s not writing, you can find her having a blast practicing soccer with her team and hanging out with her Dad, twin sister, Mom, and friends. She’s a proud vegetarian who can’t resist delicious mac and cheese! Adviti finds inspiration in the incredible Cristiano Ronaldo admires his skills and passion for the game. Adviti has a big heart and loves lending a helping hand. With the support of her family, she organizes fundraisers to support causes close to her heart, whether assisting those affected by Nepal Earthquakes or supporting people impacted by Russia and Ukraine war. Inspiring positive change in the world motivates her. Adviti is always ready to connect with friends, family, and even strangers. Building meaningful relationships is something she cherishes, and she’s always up for making new connections along her journey. This young author is set to conquer the world one word at a time!

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Morristown celebrates 10 years of the Festival of Books

Thirteen-year old Adviti Guduru, left, of Monroe Township speaks with author Adriana Erin Rivera, right, and gains some insight on how to write a book at KidFest during the Morristown Festival of Books on Saturday, Oct. 7.

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